About Us

Boscia’s Liquor Discount House’s story is a true example of the American Dream. It has been family owned and operated throughout its history.

Nick Boscia served his country in the U.S. Marines during WWII in the Philippines. When he returned home he took a job at General Electric and also owned a dump truck he hauled with. After going through the legal process he opened the liquor store in 1945.

It was located at 2626 Broadway, 2 doors away from the present store. The building had a small storefront with an apartment behind it. He continued to work at GE and drive the dump truck with help from his sisters working in the store.

In 1950 he married Mary Ellen. They lived in the apartment behind the store and both worked in the store together. They had 4 daughters, Linda, Donna, Lenore, & Renee. All the girls worked in the store as they got old enough.

Nick had a vision for a discount liquor warehouse which was unheard of at the time. He worked towards that plan and his business continued to grow till the small store and the basement below could no longer accommodate it. In the late 1960’s he purchased the present property located at 2710 Broadway and built the first phase of the new store. Soon this building was not sufficient and the warehouse was added in the late 1970’s. This second phase was double the size of the first. Linda’s husband, Steve, was the contractor.

Over the years Mary Ellen was not only Nick’s wife but also his business partner. They retired together in 2007 when their 2 daughters, Linda & Donna, took over.


Donna Boscia Casso


She is Pres. and co-owner with her sister Linda. The store has played a major part in her life. Since she is 2 yrs. younger than Linda, her story is some what the same with her memories and experiences as a child as they relate to the store. In 1976 she started working full time in the store and began training as manager. She has held that position till becoming co-owner with her sister.

Linda Gadus

Vice President

The store has always been a part of her life since her parents owned it when she was born. She remembers how there was a door connecting the apartment to the store.  When a customer entered the store a bell would ring and one of her parents would go into the store to take care of them. As she got older she cared for her 3 younger sisters so her parents could work. At 18 yrs. old she started working in the store, full time in summer and part time around high school and then college classes. Her father encouraged her to get an accounting degree to help with the book keeping and taxes in the store which she did. At 21 she took a job with the IRS and continued to work part time in the store. At 22 yrs. old she got married and for 2 more years worked for IRS and the store. In 1976 she and her husband moved to Florida for 2 yrs. Upon moving back to the area, she worked again at the store with just a few short breaks over the years. She is now Vice Pres. and co-owner with her sister Donna.