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“We’re Known By The Money You Keep”

Save $2-$10 on every brand!

Discover the only true Liquor Discount House that discounts every brand every day.

Boscia’s Liquor Discount House has 1000’s of top brands at close to wholesale prices – we sell for less than most stores can buy for. If you don’t want to pay substantially more for the same exact product, then Boscia’s Liquor Discount House is the store for you.

history_photoAbout Us

Boscia’s Liquor Discount House’s story is a true example of the American Dream. It has been family owned and operated throughout its history.

Nick Boscia served his country in the U.S. Marines during WWII in the Philippines. When he returned home he took a job at General Electric and also owned a dump truck he hauled with. After going through the legal process he opened the liquor store in 1945.

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Lynchburg, Tenn

Donna, Linda and Linda’s husband, Steve were in Lynchburg, Tenn. at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery on June 4, 2015 to personally choose another Single Barrel for Boscia’s. The final decision is Steve’s since he is a Single Barrel drinker. The... read more

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